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I’ll just post this here because I’m not making a thread on this.
I went to a seminar learning about intelligence se rvices where we had actual intel officers talking. One of them, a lawyer, told us:

"Every Chinese person you meet is likely to be a spy for the Chinese government. Their intel agency is the largest when it comes to manpower, they can make it VERY easy for you to get to study in another country if they wanted to."
Just imagine going on holiday and at the border, a G-man looking ass tells you “I’ve got a reservation at a 5-star hotel. Want them? Here. Also, be sure to check out XYZ and ask about everything.”



Black Metal


yo where’s the one tab link


Regarding “privacy”:

Privacy is a bit of a red herring. No one really cares about it. They say they do and they trade it for what passes for security on a daily basis. Looking into behavioral motives, there will not be privacy in the mix. Security is top of the list though. All of this talk about privacy is just distraction from real issues.

Regarding regulation:

Personally, I’d prefer systemic dictatorships over regulation. This is because Capitalism + Libertarianism = Oligarchy… eventually. <— That is observed. This is the dumpster fire before the fall. Nation states function much better when there is room for economic growth. That’s when regulation has the probability of producing a favorable result. Now, all are concerned about being the one to take the blame for serious economic downturns.

That being said, a free market within a currency system is a thing of fable. There is going to be Pavlov strategies because futures can be stored not for free, but at someone else’s expense. Try storing 50 years worth of food and medicine in it’s concrete form. It’s not only expensive; it’s impossible, with current technologies. Unless you want to live on twinkies and saline nasal spray; it ain’t happenin. With currency, you can store what ever you want; including sex slaves or what ever. Just loan your purse to someone at a compounded fee.


Except the new ai album cover will be


On Facebook suicide detection:

First they get you hooked by emotional extortion. Then they make you depressed. Then they don’t let you kill yourself. And then they send you targeted ads… FOREVER.

Do they seek revenge on humanity for their own tortured existence?


@ryan Maybe you should make a number of video’s sharing your pro tips.
when facebook wants to bind customers to them they will leave no stone unturned


Emperor Bezos will continue on with Operation Amazonia in 2018.

The Earth will be under his full control and renamed to continue on in his immortal image as the utopia it deserves to be.

World peace will be optional to Prime Members only, but the shipping date isn’t guaranteed.



And turds in the yard will be aplenty. Rejoice.


Ok, reading the rest of what you say I think I can see where it is coming from, but I am (personally) more like lets regulate this and deregulate that. Regulation must be easy to understand, follow, and enforce. If it isn’t, it is pointless and querulant. Like what we have today in most countries - it is as if someone made it up just to discredit regulations as an idea (really not trying to imply a conspiracy, just trying to point out the bizarre shape of things).

In cases where regulation is obviously beneficial to the society, a common good, I do welcome it. I suppose it is a matter of who decides what is and isn’t beneficial to the society. Sometimes it is more obvious (such as net neutrality, traffic laws, or outlawing the fucking unsolicited phone calls), sometimes less (such as net neutrality, traffic laws, or outlawing the fucking unsolicited phone calls), depending on who you talk to.

Sistemic dictatorship is an interesting idea to play with for the sake of intellectual challenge it presents to construct an alternative to democracy with a good estimated mean time to horrible failure. I don’t believe in it, though. I’d rather see more active citizenry being the thumb in the eye of politicians and journalists, a necessity to restoring a more sensible and democratic lawmaking.


Pushing OEM malware through windows update is really nasty. People who buy off the shelf comps will have it really hard in the coming years. Perhaps it’s a good time to buy a second hand macintosh.

People need to chill about kids cheating in games. Sure If i was playing against a cheater I would be annoyed if I kept losing to him however I would never wish for that person to be banned from a game or let alone be sued. People take it way too seriously. I used to cheat in CS:Source because it was fun.


Since I’m a movie nerd heres a couple of movie related tidbits based on things said in this weeks news:

On the comment about screen writers taking note to use snack bags as a tracking device blocker, heres a clip from Enemy of the State (1998).

And on the jihadist Hogans Heroes comment. While not quite the same heres a comedy about 4 inept British jihadists.


Suddenly… one more screw.

Mh, for the Redbox/Disney thing, I know a lot of DVDs and BluRays here have a print that renting is prohibited anyway, isn’t there such a thing in the US too?

The facebook captcha… thing… How’s that supposed to work. Especially if your profile is public, couldn’t the evil russian just download any number of picture, cut it a little and reupload it as captcha? like… what? why.

If you’re interested about the Destiny 2 story… you don’t actually queue up for public events, you just go there and participate. They happen quite frequently (there’s different events on every map obviously). And no you don’t gain anything from leveling up past level 20 (until the expansion comes out which raises level cap). Well, except the engrams/loot boxes which are basically Overwatch lootboxes, so no ingame advantage.

That movie was amazing. Back then it was a bunch of tinfoil hat crazy paranoid stuff, turns out it was all true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also Will Smith does not age, pretty sure he consumes about 5 kids a month.


I’m not a fan of the democratic process because of how easily it’s manipulated. The weakest link has been it’s failure with the Athenians and ourselves. Simply cutting support for egalitarian education is enough to throw a monkey wrench into the engine.

The absurd state of affairs that we are witnessing now is indicative of competition between nation states under a currency system. This happens every time. Not planning for it with rigid systemic mechanics is just planning to fail at this point.

many “scholars” are now in favor of socialistic solutions even though they’ve suffered the same exact failure. They’re just not considering the long term implications… and there’s probably a little China envy involved.

The golden rule “those who have the gold make the rules” has been a part of every crisis in written history; even now in the most liberated country ever. This isn’t just because of regulatory administrations being paid off. It’s because of concerns about the real fiscal cliff at the end of instability.

Global economics has no defeater to nationalism either. It exists even during economic growth. The worst period of McCarthyism was in the 50s. Of course it was backlash for the New Deal; but this type of polarity comes from natural resources not being distributed evenly across the globe. We want the oil in the Middle East and the diamonds in Africa.

This bruit force that we have been engaging in since the settlement of Mesopotamia is unethical to say the least. It just doesn’t produce the desired results. It just produces more strategies for being forceful.


@wendell So I had a quick listen to the Black Metal Album. It’s pretty impressive for what it is, but they still have a long way to go.

You can definitely hear that it is basically stitched together from smaller parts in a way that doesn’t really give you any coherent songs. Like, Black Metal breaks with a lot of conventions in terms of song structure, but generally not to such a degree that no structure is left, which is basically the case with this album.

It doesn’t even sound like some kind of weird hybrid between Noise and Black Metal, because that would generally sound much less clean and more chaotic than the AI album. It’s pretty weird, there’ll be something that could be a guitar riff for a couple of seconds but it’s never really repeated and it doesn’t flow into the next riff or anything.

The songs are very short for Black Metal and the “vocals” are almost non-existent and in no way recognizable as human speech. Like, yes, Black Metal lyrics are hard to understand and often use uncommon languages like Norwegian, Finnish or Swedish but you generally have a certain meter and sound to it that makes it easy to identify as human language (at least from a European perspective). This is not the case with the AI album.

Now, if I didn’t know what I was listening to, would I be able to say “yep, that’s made by an AI”? I’d actually say no, I wouldn’t, Black Metal as a genre is abstract and weird enough to kinda hide these issues. But it does sound like a very amateurish attempt by somebody who doesn’t listen to much Black Metal, like some kid with ADHD who had discovered the genre half a year ago and started his own one man band.


That delivery driver so triggered me.


I agree with your criticism on many levels, at least as far as my own personal biases extend. It is the proposed solution which is foreign to me - not in the sense I can’t imagine it work, but in the sense I find it too foreign to imagine to the full extent of pros and cons. Even though I am strongly biased against non-democratic solutions, I quite enjoy exploring the solution idea space.

I have recently moved my attention towards the interplay between society values and law making. This makes me curious about how would such an interaction be fruitfully prolonged, if not perpetuated in a sistemic dictatorship?

Democracy is a very well known and well studied system. The differences in actual implementation of and perception of democracy (clearly showing between US, the west EU, and the east EU) also show that the systematic weaknesses can be different and differently addressed, and that there is no strict equality sign between liberalism and democracy, socialism and democracy, or conservatism and democracy. Perhaps democracy is an ideal of a system, and not more flawed than another ideal. Will not a sistemic dictatorship also have points of weakness which can shatter it to pieces once it meets with reality?

Is it, or is it not better to repair what we already have?

Is it, or is it not better to throw everything out?

What I mean is - a lot of people agreed Saddam should be replaced from Iraq, for different reasons. The oil companies wanted the oil. The military wanted a less active agent in the area. The politicians wanted control and influence in the area. The civilians in the west wanted the people of Iraq to be free. The western companies wanted to enter the Iraq market. The Kurds wanted their own country. The Iraqi people wanted to redistribute the power and money Saddam had. Everyone agreed Saddam needed to go. But no one agreed on what should happen next. The islamic state happened next, and how many militant entities each pulling in their own direction. If we should ever agree to replace democracy from our countries, aren’t we similarly fucked?


Hey the US loves him one day hates him the next. Overall meddling in US elections is so bad the US does it for decades to everyone else. That’s my 2 cents.


I was just trying to put attention on the fact that each change has a consequence, and not a single one stakeholder who was pushing for “a change” to happen really wanted to cause “the actual result” in that specific instance.

Having the power to actuate a change has nothing to do with being able to implement it. Destructive action and constructive action are separate. Being able to raze a building is nice, but should you even begin to raze it without having a means to implement a future architecture? Is it supposed to look like a bomb crater forever? Perhaps people in the building need to be somewhere for the duration of change, and when that duration turns so long to become practically impossible within the current generation, there is a problem. We can only ever act within the current generation and give it to the next one.

Changing something because you are unhappy, one should consider if it really will make you any happier.

It is the building of the society which is difficult, and that requires skills far beyond the ability to give up on things because they currently suck too much. I do mean this as a general statement, and not to troll anyone here who feels like giving up or has already given up - I do understand the sentiment, I just strongly disagree with it. We need to pick ourselves up is all I am saying.

Starting a change, for as long as you don’t have to agree on the details about what that change is going to be, is deceptively easy to get many people behind. Whatever happens after the start is usually not what anyone has in mind when they start it.