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  • The ship affected by malware would be a nice edgy take for a Gilligan’s Island reboot. Ginger could be played by a sex robot and be a more-believable character. (The Professor updates her firmware to make her more helpful, but he didn’t notice the Huawei spy chipset and it causes her to go all HAL 9000 on everybody.)

  • The Shamoon malware was probably done by someone who thinks they’ll put an end to ransomware: if people think they won’t get their files back anyway then they won’t pay, and Shamoon’s creator could believe that will make it less prevalent. (Yeah, good luck with that…)

  • No surprise that there’s more streaming-service programming than broadcast, since most stations just do 14 hours of cheap news per day — which makes it even sadder that local newspapers think people will pay $30/month just for web access when they instead could get Netflix and HBO and still have money left over.

  • Speaking of which, that few bucks would be just enough to cover tissues and hand lotion for the site we’ll be getting most of our news from in ten years: Pornhub. The voice of the next generation cries out: “I just watch porn for the dialogue, honest!” (They’ll probably also do a better job screening ads for pizza delivery and emergency plumbing repair.)

  • Since housecats (not even including feral cats) kill something like one BILLION birds per year, let them be the Morlocks in your bird-themed Time Machine adaptation. (Again, ALF will be the hero of this tale.)

Thanks for another fun week in news. Merry Christmas and happy whichever holidays you wish to enjoy. :slight_smile:

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About porch pirates.

In Germany all packages must be signed.

If the customer isn’t at home, then a neighbor has to sign, and the delivery man leaves a note telling which neighbor has the package.

If the customer isn’t at home, and no neighbor wants the package, then the delivery man will try again for the next 2 days, and then if the package still isn’t delivered, then it’s returned to the store.

If a delivery man leaves a package on your porch, signs himself, and then the package is stolen, then the delivery man pays for the package.

This solutions seems more reasonable than facial recognition.


Soulja Boy’s retirement plan is kinda flawed… you would think he would have gone to Wu Tang financial. At the very least he would have diversified his bonds.

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