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I found the lion fish article interesting.

I read this on wiki; “the red lionfish (P. volitans) and the common lionfish (P. miles), have established themselves as significant invasive species off the East Coast of the United States and in the Caribbean… They have been described as “one of the most aggressively invasive species on the planet””.

Now I can think of another invasive species, in fact the most invasive, destructive, and deadliest species in the history of the earth. The one responsible for the current mass extinction… homosapiens.

Maybe we should make an AI robot to kill them as well?


I’d like to point out to Ryan (if he reads this) that anonymized DNA information is possible, though I’d never trust a company to do it.

It would take the form of like, “65% of people of german descent have this particular genetic marker that correlates well with developing prostate cancer.”

So you can steer your drug research in a particular direction based on demographics trends, but you never actually learn any information on individuals.

(DNC self-hack)

That story reminded me of this:

(Tube8 Crypto)

The model does look like a pyramid scheme. There are many business models that use the “enhance your buying power” model. The Amway model for instance was a pyramid scheme with a line of products to distract from the common outcome.

The idea is to get employees through seminars where the model is described in a flattering light and then use them to sell the product without paying them a fair wage. Those who have sales skills and stick with it can make a lot of money; however most people in any distribution do not. This is where the pyramid scheme is hidden. Those who sell the products and don’t quit due to lack of interest and aptitude move up the pyramid to financial rewards. Those who don’t have the skills and interest lose quite a bit of time and money; that pays those small numbers of people who move up. It exploits facts about distributions of populations to produce the pyramid. Since it’s not considered investing, as it has a product line that is used as “compensation” in many instances, it’s not a true pyramid scheme; even though the model clearly is by design.

One interesting aspect of the model is how it can bring out cheating behaviors in the prospective “employees”. In an effort to move up, many will actually cover costs of the products to make themselves look like go-getters. This is of course in the probationary period of sales, where one sells to “friends and family”. This is often 3/4 of total sales; and the managers don’t mind saying that out loud on the first day… to cover their butts of course. It’s all of those perspective employee failures that funds the “business”. You get the gig, you sell a handful of products to your friends and family, and you quit. Those who can’t do the job are a dime a dozen and those who can are rare. The sales technique is obviously deceitful and manipulative; and it should be considered a crime… but it’s hard to show intent in such complex structures.

My own experience with such a model led me to an office, where I sat in a comfortable oak chair, sitting across a nice oak desk, from someone in an expensive leather office chair, wearing an Armani suit, telling me he made 3mil in that many years. He even gave me a “you’re like me… you’re a rock star” speech. He even asked me if it was the sales technique that I had a problem with. I said yes and moved on.

You can’t buy that pen. You have to take it. You have to have the hubris and the entitlement to go take it. Most don’t… the vast majority don’t.

You don’t buy things. You buy an effect on your life. That’s the way humans think. You buy life effecting decisions every day.

When he reaches to take the pen back, and someone denies it, and says “how much money you got?”, he needs the pen to make his point right?That’s the attitude that wakes people up. You put this in my hand with an expectation; that didn’t pan out. What you gon’ do now? I fucking took it: and used it to my own ends, but it’s just a fucking pen right?

The reality is, you can’t buy a pen. You can’t own a pen. You can’t really even understand what a pen is; unless you know all of what it takes to make it, and the impact it has on peoples lives. Salesmen don’t know what a pen is. They only know how to make you want one. Beware the salesman.

ICOs are speculative. That means that they tend to be far from sure things. I used to hype crowdsourcing resources until I saw that almost everyone saw them as pre-order stores. Remember “shut up and take my money”? “This is a great idea so here you go”. That approach is far from mature enough to produce consistent returns. Honestly, it’s pretty naive.

Over the next few years, I learned how naive that upwards of 90% of the population was with respect to finance. I’m not even talking about economics now; just finance. The main question is, “if I fund this, how are they planning to produce it?” and only a small percentage of people would ask it. The same attitude exists with the emergence of ICOs. The liberation of the general population to engage in the initial rounds of investing exists; but the education for the preparation for such a technology doesn’t. This is the major issue with ICOs; and the bulk of the population is still bitching about how they got screwed by a Kickstarter project, while using BTC and considering investing without a clue about how to administer due diligence.

This, like crowdsourcing is not going to have the expected outcome. It’s likely to have a novel outcome; like the novel model used by Patreon. The world still isn’t ready for finance… and I suspect that it never will be. Now and throughout history very, very few are interested in it. It is unlikely that it will be distributed.

Now back to the Tube 8 model. It’s currently being funded (like most of the content on the internet) by advertising. This is why it’s centered around the usual suspects. You aren’t really funding the project by viewing and engaging the content. Advertising is still funding it. This is a ploy to get people to engage. They are literally paid to engage with crypto-currency. This is the hook. Where it gets interesting is with sharing. I suspect that sharing will be the 3/4 of sales. This means that, if you are unabashed to share and bring in other customers, then you will be the ones that see a significant return. The sales team is distributing their work load in a sense. This is of course “speculation”, but some things tend to pan out… and of course others don’t.

This is particularly interesting in this stage of western economics. On the latter end of the crisis cycle, populations tend to become more conservative. This is the perspective victim of this particular scheme. With pornography, those who lose their shirts in the market aren’t likely to bitch. They would just be embarrassed to admit it. How many people are going to happily sell pron? How many will complain if their pron dividends don’t come through? It’s the perfect scam; especially now… as the population is becoming more practical.

I personally don’t mind admitting that I’ve viewed a lot of pron… even some sketchy shite. This is because sexuality is an extremely interesting subject; on many levels. I’ve learned a lot about not only how personal issues can effect the sexual prowess of individuals but also how profitable abuse of sentient control can be. This is a realm that is rife with not only viscera but also deep seeded impulse. Because of the internet (and not so much because of public education) I know what this pen is. I know where it comes from, how it’s made and the impact that it has on society.

Porn sells itself. When porn is scheming toward greater sales, there is a serious problem with the economy that it resides in. I smell corporate interests… speculative, corporate interests. (coughs) Advertisers!

BTW Most of the hits on the internet are made by ad bots. This is because the content that is supposed to have intrinsic value is funded by advertising. This is the product of someone just having the “balls” to take it. When you fund your business with advertising, you take on the struggles of that enterprise. It’s funny how advertising can be a bad influence on even porn in this system; but it’s probable that it is. This is where the drain we are circling starts to take us down.

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Dude, I don’t see you post outside of Level1Techs news, and every episode you have some massive wall of text that is a hybrid of insight and conspiracy.

I fucking love it, and I will petition to have your face on a L1 mug or shirt. No idea who you are, but never change fam.

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We need to get him into the lounge

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I love posting on Level 1. There are a lot of smart people to interact with. If there were a lot of places like this, I might be posting in more; but I’m also working on an open project that takes up a bit of my attention.