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(self-driving cars… again… sorry)

This is much more difficult to do than most appreciate. These cars have to deal with a lot of signal noise. For instance, can a self-driving car distinguish between a flashing led and a light spot in the road that is intermittent; say a dotted white line? The evidence would urge some skepticism.

This doesn’t seem like something that can be achieved with the narrow AI that is currently being implemented in the kid gloves test cases. Maybe the hype will lead to funding for more sophisticated systems; but I really doubt it. I suspect that the problem will be solved externally with a partnership with a more general AI project. Right now there is some dabbling in such things with big tech companies; but I can’t speculate if it were to be good enough for self-driving cars, because it’s under lock and key.

The open projects are pretty impressive with real time inference and there are new ICO marketplaces that might provide a resource for the type of software needed; but there is also a hardware problem where more sophisticated software solutions are required. It’s not just about whether or not the solutions exist; but also whether or not the solutions can be packaged into a vehicle with respect to function and cost effect.

I do think this will happen because of the projected advantages of it; but I don’t see the tech for it in the latter stages of development; like the hype train is trying to suggest.

(robot trust study)

That is a modification of a study done on adults; where they are unknowingly in a room with people who are instructed to make a specific, wrong choice. That specific test is used in the study that I’m describing. Most people will eventually give in to popular choices even knowing that they are wrong.

With adults, it is the social situation that is probably responsible. They are more inclined to agree with the consensus than to argue for what appears to be correct. This probably has something to do with human motivational systems that deal with social coordination. It appears to be more important to almost everyone than actually providing a correct answer. This is even known to effect scientific consensus.

(automation and finance)

The curious effect of Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Advancement” is new, more effective and efficient ways of creating wealth. It’s also new effective and efficient ways of aggregating wealth and markets. This isn’t just a consequence of global economics. That is a nationalistic notion. Automation and telecom tech have had a huge impact on vertical growth. Corporations have found many ways to be the infrastructure and thus have control of it. This has resulted in a new level of creating mega corporations that are far beyond “too big to fail”. The number of billionaires keeps going up slightly; while the number of millionaires keeps going down dramatically. The aggregation of domestic markets is what is having the greatest effect on economic destabilization. That article is more punditry than anything else. It’s blaming foreign policy for domestic indiscretion. It’s essentially a bold faced lie.

Wendel’s second scenario seems to be very likely. Not only that, it may be the motive for concerns about AI runing financial structures. The fact that markets are being automated is a likely concern for those who constantly have their hand in the jar; but there are ways for them to get around it. For instance, the stock market has a requirement that one have a base line portfolio (millions) and special licensing to be a legitimate VC. This excludes the vast majority of involvement with IPOs. This is the reason for the advent of ICOs; which allow the average person to invest in the initial rounds. It’s not so much that the big players are competing with AI though. They are competing with the rest of the population. All they really have to do is regulate one of the processes. I doubt that AI could fix the issue because the finance model itself is based upon the issue. I don’t thing that novelty could be enough to promote healthy distribution.

The main point I wanted to get at though is that it’s the wales that are using AI for trade. AI is another technology that is aiding in aggregation as it promotes even faster growth. It’s the base technologies that cause economic growth to greatly outpace population growth to the point of crisis. There was no reason to blame global economics in that article. It was clearly a distraction from what is actually happening in finance. I would suggest that it is blatant subterfuge; but one should never underestimate the power of incompetence.

Everyone having a good chuckle about Alexa and NWA

This made my Wednesday :slight_smile:

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