Level1 News August 14 2018: Drones Bursting in Air Patron Edition | Level One Techs

2:50 - Speedier broadband standards? Pai's FCC says 25Mbps is fast enough 5:46 - Ajit Pai admits FCC lied about DDoS, blames it on Obama administration 7:11 - Here's the Internal Report Proving the FCC Made Up a Cyberattack 8:34 - ISPs' listed speeds drop up to 41% after UK requires accurate advertising 10:13 - TSA Admits 'Quiet Skies' Surveillance Program Is Useless, Promises To Continue Engaging In Useless Surveillance 11:54 - West Virginia to introduce mobile phone voting for midterm elections 14:56 - Frozen machines, 243-percent turnout, and other woes in Georgia voting 17:01 - Baltimore officials will pay consultant $176,800 to help police department maintain Lotus Notes system 19:12 - Venezuelan President survives apparent drone assassination attempt 21:09 - Online photos can't simply be re-published, EU court rules 23:14 - The Defense Department has produced the first tools for catching deepfakes 25:05 - NEC unveils facial recognition system for 2020 Tokyo Olympics 27:00 - Ethiopia internet shutdown in eastern Somali region 29:08 - Germany lifts total ban on Nazi symbols in video games 31:09 - Alex Jones Is Running Out of Platforms to Boot Him: Add MailChimp to the list 35:59 - Facebook says removing content on 3D printing of guns 38:19 - Facebook, still on a mission to bring people online, announces Connectivity 40:15 - Facebook Dating Tested With 5 Gender Choices 43:24 - Facebook +2% on report it's seeking big-bank customer data 45:49 - YouTube is about to pass Facebook as the second biggest website in US 54:18 - Qualcomm Wins Taiwan Reprieve Amid Global Antitrust Battle

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