Level1 KVM trackpad

I’ve got a weird issue with a Level1 KVM that otherwise seems to be working pretty well. I moved the keyboard to the usb 3 port from the HID port because it was doing some weird things picking up keystrokes locking it into the software KVM when I’d hit ctrl and couldn’t figure out a way to cancel it.

I plugged a simple anker USB hub into that to plug in a USB trackpad with the keyboard, but also directly into one of the HID ports, which seems to work for a bit… and then will randomly stop working after 10 seconds to a couple mins.

I plugged the trackpad in via USB because I wanted to use it for both computers but it doesn’t seem to want to work consistently.

Also - is there any way to turn off the beep when switching?

Overall I’m happy if I can get these things figured out.

If you have the manual it came with there is key commands to toggle a bunch of options

Yeah the problem is it seems to lock up the keyboard once I hit ctrl twice and doesn’t seem to accept anything after that. So I moved it from the HID port to the usb3 port after I learned it was a straight pass through.

Also the pamphlet it came with had a few commands related to switching displays and such but nothing about turning off the beep even if I could get the commands to work.

It’s weird and I feel like I must be doing something wrong.

@wendell check this, at first it sounds like a corrupted firmware, just enough that the KVM still works, but who could tell.

I’ve been testing this more this morning in a daylight savings haze and have realized the following:

  • When using a usb3 port or hub connected to it is when the trackpad seems to fail - on 1 of the 2 computers – it works fine on a newer Ryzen X570 board, but seems to have a weird timeout on the older X99a board.
  • The keyboard when plugged into an HID port, still behaves as listed above and works fine on both computers and doesn’t stop working when plugged into the usb3 port compared to the HID port.
  • The logitech mouse I’ve tried plugging a receiver into the HID front seems to also work on both.
  • It seems when the computer 1 stops working with the trackpad, by switching ports and coming back it works for another few seconds, and then stops working again.
  • The USB cables I’m using to connect to both computers are 2M Cable Matters cables that I’ve used for a while without issue.

You might be surprised how finicky cables can be. If they’re at a certain length, they work fine, but if you daisy chain them, they start misbehaving. Some HDMI and DP on Vega56 and Vega64 cables work, but when you put the card in a PCI-E extender, the cables stop working. USB cables, when plugging directly to a PC works, but when plugging into a hub stop working, or work for a while and stop working.

I would try shorter cables, both from PC to KVM and from KVM to peripherals. Also note the power consumption, if you are using old membrane keyboards, like my favorite Dell SK-8115, these things sip power, but if you are using an RGB keyboard, it may work intermittently.

Yeah based on the location of the PC and how I need to route the cables, I can’t really go less than 6 ft on the computer USB to KVM but I may try another cable. Frankly it seems to be working over the HID port now for the trackpad at least so I’m not sure whats going on.

The cables to the keyboard and mouse are short like 3ft or less.