Level1 KVM Adaptive/Freesync/Gsync compatible

Can the level 1 displayport KVM passthrough Adaptivesync and/or “Gsync compatible”? I am currently using a freesync/gsync compatible monitor with an old nvidia GPU until 6800xt comes back in stock or the 7000 series releases, whichever happens first :slight_smile:

I am using my work computer and my personal computer at home with the same monitor and it’s hell. Asus monitors won’t let you stay on an input. so if one goes to sleep before the other I need to navigate 3 levels deep with a nub on the backsize of the monitor to switch back.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever get an answer?

I would like to use dual 1440p monitors with at least one G-Sync. My old KVM can’t handle that.

I don’t nee blazing refresh rates, but I do like a tear-free experience,

My monitor reports as having freesync on using the displayport 1.4 model



I have a L1 DP 1.2 KVM on the way and I’m hoping it supports gsync for my Alienware ultra wide. Will report back soon.

the kvm is real dumb, it just passes through signal. its not gsync vertified ofc but it happily passes through the signal as it should :slight_smile:
it doesn’t even have a repeater. looks just like a cable from the point of view of the gpu.


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