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Man the gleam thing is frustrating sometimes. I can't get it to jsut count the steam group one and move on, keeps wanting me to do it all again on an entry link to steam only. I use twitter account usually to do these things. Eh, what can you do, was in the steam group already I think, funny thing about it.

These skits are great.


Kinda wish this were a shorter giveaway... most gleams are too long in this respect, allows many people to sign up (including people from searches/giveaway groups who aren't in the community) so your chances are usually out of 1 million (if not 1.5 million+).

That and I have a 1050ti so I'd gladly go without a GPU (allowing them to use it for a different giveaway, either card alone or a different rig!) for a higher chance to win...

Still using an i7-860, it's good for day-to-day and light gaming... some things it's theoretically better with (core/thread #, cache size) but when it comes to frequency/IPC/DDR4/NVMe/Instruction support/efficiency the i3 would likely wipe the floor with my system (especially with single-core stuff).

Well, hopefully Ryzen delivers...

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I see how u played on the words of the DMX song. Delivery kind of corny but I get the point

I still refuse to get a facebook account, I'm sure there is a shadow account tracking me but I'm not going to make it easy for them.

anyways, does the new Defince C case have USB 3.1 gen 2 ports on the front or is it still USB 3.0?

You dont need to register with facebook. I'm sure you have an auxiliary e-mail account; just use that to enter giveaway ;)

It ended :D who won?
I'm really wishing they tell us soon...

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Some russian with a gleam.io script to enter all giveaways on gleam.

That's me!



1 4/\/\ |\|0 \/\/|-|0R3. 1 4/\/\ rU5514|\|. rU5514|\| |-|4(|<3R.

Its L337. It translate to: i am no whore. i am russian. russian hacker.

Really? that quite unfair :$
But they haven't announced anything official yet right?
Even if we have a 1% chance we can still win, but I will not get my hopes too high.

Well probably not, but there is a subreddit dedicated to sharing gleam.io giveaways just for people to enter.

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Hey everybody, I'm the winner.
If you erroneously received any contact information from gleam, you can go ahead and not open it for at least two full days from receipt.

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That was my point above (post #23) about the downside of having such a long giveaway. It means tons of people from outside of your community can jump on, lowering the chances of the people who watched the original video the same week it came out (or even the same day).

It's sad that most gleam giveaways are like this... it basically means you're gambling but instead with personal info+seeing ads and sometimes spamming social media, and you have similar odds to winning the lottery.

Congrats! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

we have another giveaway lined up, and the first winner didn't respond, so we just emailed another possible winner :D