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Build video coming soon! This is just the teaser because we're dirty teases, sorry. We'll probably take this down and hide our shame later. BUT! for now, you need to enter to win::

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I hope I'm not the only one who finds the XPower Titanium and i3 combo rather amusing.


@w.meri You're not the only one. Also the 280 rad is pretty beefy too for just an i3, even if it's overclockable. I think that at stock speeds you could even run the CPU passively with the rad in the top.

@wendell Teaser videos are "fine". What gets on my nerves (and probably many others) are those million parts videos for dumb things.

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I won't win so just joined to wish everyone else good luck! ^^

Thanks for offering the system Level1Techs.

I find the choice of parts interesting; had me looking up your reviews of the motherboard, that thing is seriously cool.

Can it come autographed?


How do i enter?

On the original post cluck show more find the gleam link click said link and enter. To enter I believe you have to subscribe to the two YouTube channels.

I have not entered yet. But I believe that's how it's done.

Enter here:

Actually I can never enter these draws because I don't have account on any of those social networks. Not even youtube. Sad me. but it's ok I could buy all those things today if i wanted to.

I believe you can also enter by entering your email or logging on to one of your social media accounts.

It'd does say17 ways to enter or something like that. Then lists email, subscribe to the two YouTube channels then it says 15 other ways.

I second this!

Made with love and spare parts,

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Good luck everybody else!

But seriously, I have no need for a system, so I'll sit this one out. I hope this winds up going to someone who really needs it. The i3 is an interesting choice, but in reality, it should be able to handle most things you throw at it. It's a mid-range 1080p build and all you'll really need to get to high-end 1080p or 1440p is realistically a RX480 or the likes.

I like the build and am eager to see @kreestuh's cable management skills. If they're anything like the Linus wall, it's going to be beautiful.

The other hardware is fantastic for a budget build. All one has to do is upgrade the processor.

Best budget build for a giveaway ever.

CPU was a tossup for us. The i5 7400 is probably a better value tbh but we didn't know that before we tested the i3k. Too little too late. But hey upgrade the CPU and GPU which is what we intend for the winner . The other parts are top shelf

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If you signed the i3 box I bet somebody would trade it for an i7. Some people are weird like that.

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I am shure Wendell has some stalker out there.

I logged in with my email but the site still shows that i have 0 entries.

cheeki breeki