Level 1 coding languages compilation

hey ive made a google forum about coding languages people know and if you are willing to make a thread helping people learn a language fill it out when ever itll be nice if we could have more of the threads where people are helping people learn languages like the python thread


cmon you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

serious answers pls :stuck_out_tongue:


why though?

Problem is that learning a language is only scratching the surface of programming. There are so many tools and algorithms you must learn that simply learning the language won't teach you

There is another minor problem with the form.

I have for example used certain languages for years, while I've added others only recently to my tool set. What am I now supposed to answer? :wink:

Btw: what is 2 ≥ 3 supposed to mean? 2 is always greater than 3.