Let's laugh at Acer's attempt at a'gamechanger'

Saw this at a best buy, couldn't help but scream "are you fucking kidding me" beside numerous small children. 

The product description read "With its perfectly positioned keyboard..."

Truly amazing that this made it to production...

It's the midway stage of a laptop transforming into a tablet.

"We'll just slowly slide the trackpad up until it's in the screen. That'll get everyone used to the idea!" - Acer

Why isn't anyone noticing the absolutely ridiculous layout that the keyboard it's self has, that right shift the the size of some laptop keyboard's spacebar, not to mention the mother of all enter keys.

It's the UK layout, but the @ and " are in the positions of the US layout.

What do you think about that key next to the left shift

can someone prove to me this isn't photoshop, i mean really, that's just too retarded, hell i even use my mouse in front of my keyboard on my desktop

Just such little logic. I hope they produce 50 000 and sell 9.

This computer makes me feel very uncomfortable and I don't like it

Behold proof of existence :  http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2418531,00.asp

I-I... wow, you lost me Acer.

I can imagine someone buying one of these and have a friend walk up to them, look at the laptop and just turn around and walk away. 

Its so bad...

the funniest part they think this design is worth $900+ and it's using an old ivy bridge i5ulv chipset and has no dedicated gpu.

holometabolism gone awry .. 

Just looking at it gives me vertigo.

That is amazing acer. By any chance will the next track pad location be on top of the lid in the next model?

Well, maybe if I just dislocate the joints in my hands and fingers in 50 places the new keyboard layout could just maybe work.


Why don't they make it so that the tray is one giant trackpad, and the keyboard is integrated into the screen (like, each key has a little screen)? It might take a little marketing, but I think they could pull it off.

All they need to do is swap the position of the keyboard, and touchpad, and they will have a decent laptop.


Cant lie, this laptop is truly a game changer, but more along the lines of the game "The war z" where they did many game changers that were rather unexpected from what was discussed.