Lenovo ThinkStation P500

Hi all, new to this forum. I have a Lenovo ThinkStation P500 that am setting up as my home server. The system summary is Inter Xeon E5-2699 V3 @2.3GHZ, 16GB ram for now. Also have two 20TB drives and a 1TB NVMe SSD. I am having an issue with the NVMe drive as it does not show up on my BIOS but somehow was able to install Win11. I installed Winn11 to test if I was able to since it was not coming up on BIOS. Not sure if anyone would know how to remedy this issue. Oh yes I almost forgot to mention, the NVMe SSD is on an aftermarket PCI-E card that was installed on the PCI-E X4 slot. The motherboard does state that is a Gen3 so maybe thats my issue but unsure how to fix this problem. Bios was also updated to latest version. PLEASE HELP.

Is anyone familiar with Lenovo Bios to help me with this issue

I have the same system, you need the official Flex M.2 Adapter from lenovo to show and select a M.2 drive on BIOS, however it is slower on transfer speeds rather than a generic PCIE x4 Gen3 slot to M.2 adapter

Even if the drive is not shown on the boot order of the BIOS, the system still boots the M.2 drives from generic adapters, but you need to remove any other bootable device from the boot order, and set the system on full UEFI mode.

I have a generic adapter with 1 TB XPG SSD as bootable device, Windows 11 installed, just remove temporally the USB installation drive when the setup restart the first time. Only issue is frontal HDD led not working.

Only just saw your post, sorry for the late reply

The p500 uses a proprietary “flex adapter” slot near the front of the motherboard for a sss carrier card. If you want to boot from nvme I believe the card will need to be in that slot. You will need to get one of the proprietary m.2 flex adapter cards though as it is a proprietary slot.

That said I know I have booted my p500 off of an add in card (Adaptec HBA) so you should be able to boot from normal pcie. Have you tried pressing f11 on boot to bring up the boot menu and selecting the nvme carrier card?

Note the p500 has a TPM 1.2 module and is Haswell-e so is not technically supported by windows 11. YMMV but your boot issue may actually just be windows being a pain.

Have you tried windows 10 to see if it has a different behaviour?

Good luck

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