Lenovo ThinkPad Z16 on Linux

Looking to upgrade my LG Gram 17 and I came across this beast of a Thinkpad. I have a T480 and love it but went to a Gram for the weight and bigger screen(I am getting old, lol). Was curious if anyone is running Linux on this new series of lapop? I honest was looking to upgrade my Ryzen 7 2700x desktop but this laptop could be all-in-one for me.

P.S. I don’t game much. Mainly surf the web, Linux Admin, and DevOps. So scripting and python most of the time.

I have an X13 Gen 3 AMD. I have T2SDE on it right now. It runs absolutely fine. The Z line is strickly AMD but can be maxxed out with premium specs like an OLED 2K screen. You should not have any issues as long as you are on kernel 5.18 or newer.

Was coming to this forum to find exactely the same information. The batterylife on this thing is awesome.

Yeah. The battery life is unreal. The performance is unreal too. My last laptop is 13 years old. My desktop is about 11 years old. Major performance uplift.