Lenovo, rebranded MSI GTX 1070, a few qestions


I have sourced from an Lenovo Ideacentre y700 34ISH prebuilt PC, a Lenovo rebranded MSI GTX 1070.
Although the specs look like they resemble that of a reference GTX 1070.

Gpu-Z gives me these specs

And the card looks like this (part code from Lenovo 01AJ838 , 8pin power connector, blower style fan)

more pictures here on ebay.


  1. I have bios 86.04.3B.00.84 , and I understand here that this is a unrecognized bios.
    Wondering if I were to flash a newer MSI Bios of a card seeming to have the same specs (MSI.GTX1070.8192.160520) is going to brick my card, or if it’s almost as easy to unbrick it with nvflash, as it is to flash a vbios. Also, wondering if successful what would be the benefits of that bios update.

  2. Being given it can overclock stable at about +150-185 or more on core clock (with stock core voltage) and +600mhz on memory clock, I take it that the performance is fine as it is. Is a normal gpu manufacturer card better than this rebrand? Can’t say much if its got any hardware changes or if the changes are only on aesthetics.

  3. Is there some way to stop the fans when not using any graphics intensive applications, such as browsing the web? In MSI afterburner the fans are stuck at at least 20%. Or do I have to fit custom coolers for that? Any recommendations?