Lenovo Laptop Having HDD, Memory, Graphics Driver Issues

I have a Lenovo Y50 from 2014. It is running Windows 10. For the past 3 weeks I have been getting weird problems with my graphics driver. I have reinstalled Geforce Experience a dozen times now and I have given up. I have tried doing anything I can and still no progress.

I have used the manual windows uninstall, ccleaner uninstall and Guru3D graphics uninstaller multiple times. I have gone in Nvidia Control Panel as per the Nvidia reps suggestion and changed 3 settings.
Since the past 3 weeks every time I turn the laptop off then on I have to reinstall Nvidia graphics for any game or graphic related software to run.

  • I have gotten windows message saying I have memory issues after a memory diagnostic.
  • I have gotten a Runtime Error for Program:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RunDLL32.exe multiple times even directly after installed the driver.
  • I have this weird issue where HDD add/subtracts 5GB+ of space.
  • There was weird issue that I cannot choose a slideshow folder from Windows Personalization.

I have had this laptop for a bit more than a year. And never encountered this. And now it is out of my warranty. I feel like formatting everything and selling it, to buy an Asus or Dell like I should have.

I do not know what the problem is. Where the problem is coming from. Or who to turn for help. Lenovo, Microsoft or Nvidia.

So I would really appreciate your help and I will try to provide all the info I can.

Thank you.

Computer Details
[Display] Operating System: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
DirectX version: 12.0
GPU processor: GeForce GTX 860M
Driver version: 358.50
Direct3D API version: 12
Direct3D feature level: 11_0
CUDA Cores: 640
Core clock: 1019 MHz
Memory data rate: 5010 MHz
Memory interface: 128-bit
Memory bandwidth: 80.16 GB/s
Total available graphics memory: 6102 MB
Dedicated video memory: 2048 MB GDDR5
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 4054 MB
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: Not used
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen3
Device Id: 10DE 1392 397817AA
Part Number: 2704 0010
NvUpdtr.dll NVIDIA Update Components
NvUpdt.dll NVIDIA Update Components
NvGFTrayPluginr.dll NVIDIA GeForce Experience
NvGFTrayPlugin.dll NVIDIA GeForce Experience
nvui.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdsync.exe NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdplcy.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdbat.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvxdapix.dll NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
NVCPL.DLL NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
nvCplUIR.dll 8.1.790.0 NVIDIA Control Panel
nvCplUI.exe 8.1.790.0 NVIDIA Control Panel
nvWSSR.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvWSS.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvViTvSR.dll NVIDIA Video Server
nvViTvS.dll NVIDIA Video Server
NVSTVIEW.EXE NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer
NVSTTEST.EXE NVIDIA 3D Vision Test Application
nvDispSR.dll NVIDIA Display Server
NVMCTRAY.DLL NVIDIA Media Center Library
nvDispS.dll NVIDIA Display Server
PhysX 09.15.0428 NVIDIA PhysX
nvGameSR.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
nvGameS.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server

Should just install windows 7 on it, the problem is most likely windows 10

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I am away from home at uni right now. I can't spend a weekend reinstalling windows. And I have grown tired of doing that. I do plan to do it but not until end of December. But I have just grown tired of all the BS with this laptop. If I could sell it now I would. My old Dell still works fine, only needs a reinstall once in a while and runs perfectly. This lenovo goes through blue screens every now and then.

Just back up your important stuff and grab a windows 7 ISO, it only takes a few hours at most to get back up and running

All you need is a flash drive, or if you're feeling crazy just use a flash drive to run live linux on it for a while depending on what you're doing with it

You could also dual boot it with ubuntu, at least ubuntu I believe has the option to resize your partition and place itself onto your hard drive

I have done dual boot before. Too much of a hassle, no benefits for me. I have it on my desktop anyways. Setting up all my stuff will take a couple days, the installation is easy. I am not at home where all my stuff is backed up, and do not have any space on any drives here. Cannot do reinstall. Plan to.

well it would let you use the device without any real issues until you can do a proper reinstallation, unless you have some major hardware issues, which probably isn't the case

You are not helping. Dual booting Linux does nothing for all my assignments that need Office. Or my hobbies that need Adobe suite. Or my games. How is using Linux "useing the device without any real issues". Do you have any proper suggestions I can take now?
Edit: I need to know what the problem is. I need to know what steps I can take to diagnose it that I haven't already done. After I install the nvidia drivers again the laptop works fine. But after restart it messes up and doesn't recognize the nvidia gpu but other than that it runs normal.

Also Linux already has a hard time supporting Nvidia desktop gpu's I doubt it would be a simple thing for laptop ones.

you could run crystal disk info to check your hard drive

You could run memtest to test your RAM

You could check your event log

But in any case the quickest solution is just going to be reinstalling and putting windows 7 on it

Dual booting linux would just keep your files in tact, and you can run most of those programs under a virtual machine from inside your linux section, but that's nearly reinstalling, you just still have a back up of your stuff

Have you changed your Windows 10 settings to not automatically install hardware drivers? I had issues for a while with 10 installing it's crappy gpu driver over my good driver install. I had to completely remove all the gpu driver files and folders, essentially the guru3d remover, after I told windows to not install drivers. Then I installed the proper drivers. Look back at what windows updates have been installed that will give you insight into whether or not it was 10 doing weird stuff.

Yes. I did that when I first installed it.

Thanks, I did memtest. Will try crystaldisk. I know reinstalling is the best and easiest option since diagnosing can take more time. But I just can't loose any files and I already have used most of my hdd space filled with media. So can't backup anywhere.

Sure you don't have like anyone you can go to to just hook up your drive and copy your stuff to their PC real quick?

I let it stay like that until I was able to get home for the holidays where all my NAS stuff is. Got it backed up and restored to 8.1. So did everything beforehand, replaced HDD twice, installed 8.1 - still has the problems. My parents understood the pain and we split the cost of a new desktop and the laptop now is just a backup if I need to take it places. Everything is fine now. Especially since I had plenty saved for a new phone which I put into the desktop and got a great rig.