Lengsel - Solace (Black Metal)

Here is a record I have been searching for a damn while. Yesterday Div found it (in less then a minute >.< god I fail at searching) for me and I was simply blown away.

The lineup on Lengsen back then was what would later become Extol (their early albums are amazing, especially Undeceived...but it doesn't resemble Solace, so if you don't like Extol don't worry). This album is an extremely unique sounding black metal record with quite a raw feeling to it. Each song are simply amazing, leaves you with this feeling...you know. They have a very sad feeling to it, yet keeping the aggressive extreme sound of black metal. The riffing is a lot more complex and original than what you would expect from the overload of average Norwegian black metal bands. Also, note that there are a few clean vocal parts and some acoustic guitar, just the right dosage ;)

Anyways, this album is a must buy for any black metal fan out here, I ordered it today for 12$

If you want a real song by song review, head over there;

and if you want to listen by yourself before buying/downloading this, I uploaded a few songs to the tube.

This song has something special about it that I can't get my hands on;

oh my holy mother of god...

these guys are amazing.

Norwegian band? :P
Lengsel means uhmm..

Like "Hjemmelengsel" means " missing home " or something like that... : P

Haha you should have got in touch with me. I've had this album for a long time. I love Lengsel.

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