Legacy to UEFI with Win8.1?

Current build:-

O/S: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise N

CPU: i7-930

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R v2

Ram: 12GB


New Kit:-

CPU: i7 4790K

Motherboard: MSI Z97I GAMING AC

Ram: 12GB


In an ideal world, I would like to just pull my drives from my current build and plonk them in with the new kit then boot up. Alas I know this is not possible. Are there any tried and tested methods of converting a boot/system drive from MBR to GPT without data loss?

You just back up your data and reinstall. Should take like 30 minutes and then you put your data back on.

I don’t know of a way to do it without a reinstall. GPT and MBR are different kinds of partition tables, by converting a disk to GPT you lose all of the partitions, and thus lose your windows install.

Assuming Windows 10…

But you’ll need to reinstall anwyay (if you want to use/run on that system) because it’s a new/different system

Never mind.


Curious as to why didn’t just upgrade your CPU from the i7-930 to something like a cheap Xeon X5675, problems with the mobo, maybe?

I have the same mobo, but with an i7-950. Incidentally, I only recently updated the BIOS to FH to get better AHCI support, but I digress. Unfortunately, you can’t change the partition type without deleting the old partition first.

You wont be able to convert them and keep the data on them, but why bother converting. You can still use your MBR drives the way they are with the CSM option in bios. Hell, you might not even have to reinstall. Unless you are dead set on UEFI, I would just do that and save myself the hassle. If you are dead set on UEFI then as @Dynamic_Gravity said…back up, wipe, reinstall, restore.

Cheers for the info guys.

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