Lefty help

First post and I hope someone can help.

My Fiance is a lefty and we managed to find a decent mouse for her, but keyboards are another problem. We have come to the conclusion that a gamepad (keypad???) is the better option to go with. So far we have only successed in finding two that appear to be ambidexterous, the Cyber Snipa Gamepad seems to be end of life though.

Any option(s) on these?



Any other options someone know about would be most welcome.

Thanks and Raze on

I use a Ergodex  keyboard  http://ergodex.com/mainpage.htm     This is old use 3rd party drivers for it they work in windows 7.There is a new one the ch products MFP  http://www.amazon.com/CH-Function-Windows-Applications-Gaming/dp/B000KBIBR8

it is a great device been using ergodex for years COD and Battlefield.Put the keys anywhere you want and program anyway you want. i have two ergodex 1's .Can find on ebay and craigslist at times. can buy ch Mfp anytime.would recommend them too anyone who keys with the right hand and uses a lefty mouse and that is the Razor death Adder.

Thanks for that product. Those may just end up on my desk as well :D

She bought herself the Death Adder left handed last year but is getting so frustrated with having to remap all the keys every time she picks up a new game. I have borrowed one of the Cybersnipa gamepads, we will see how she does with that.

I tried all game pads except this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230977079753   


Sold on ebay looks interesting .

Well Shit I was gonna recommend Microsoft Sidewinder X6 because you can put the number pad on either side..I bought one years ago for like 50-60$..Wow have they gone up in price..http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Sidewinder-Gaming-Keyboard-Port/dp/B001DWI4FM

Or something like this http://dx.com/p/usb-19-key-numeric-keypad-numpad-for-laptop-black-130cm-25689, if you order from this place it will take almost a month to get to you in the USA..Fyi, you can probably find it a little cheaper on ebay..