Left for dead 2 free on steam!

Just to let others know, valve is giving away Left for Dead 2 for free (AS IN, GRAB IT NOW!)  It will be free intil 10 a.m on the 26th.

Steam store won't load for me :c

Steam died 1 hour 10 minutes ago.

I'm trying to do this for my brother, but steam won't let me in :(

Shit I had to download the client for my new rig! And I cant now cause of all you freeloaders! :3

Store seems to be back up now. I wanted to see if I could grab the game as a gift. I have friends coming over from console and I would have gifted this game to them.

Also, Left4Dead3 was leaked some time ago. We be interesting to see if this is just a Christmas bonus, or an invitation for new people to join the series before the release of Left4Dead3 >.>

Merry Christmas.

AAAAAAAAAAND it's gone...

Got it :)

I'm guessing the servers must be having trouble.

If steam is going to take over the world they are going to need better servers


Got it

Dammit steam, down again.

opened up but not adding to my games ?


not adding to my games 

Shteam is working again C:

woo woo got it :P had  the first one for xbox now i get the second one for the master race oh yeah