Leaving YouTube

If patreon go well and you raise the money you need for your goals; will you consider ever leaving youtube and uploading the videos on your site? Or if you charge for access to some of your content; even with a small amount; so you can replace the money from ads, you think that will be catastrophic?
Could this be more rewarding for your work?

I'd love it if they hosted their own videos I think i'd be great however I don't think they have the bandwidth to support a population of 500k

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well if they have enough money they could definitely support it.

It's a monthly payment they'd need the income monthly I don't think they'll waste the money on it when they can put that same money into better videos

I think it would go against the way they want to do things. They have said they want to use knowledge to make the world a better place. Putting that knowledge behind a paywall would be counter productive. I think they would rather give the knowledge to anyone who has access to the internet. A documentary on the other hand, might be worth marketing and making money off of.

This is just my two cents, I could be completely wrong, don't kill me.

Why would they shut down a viable source of income?


Oh, and what's wrong with Youtube? It's a fine platform. You have a fanbase, and you can gain more viewers coming from other channels or people that just stumble over some videos. Then you make money.

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This would also reduce the number of people that watch them. If they don't actually put it on YouTube some people might not actually remember to watch it. It has all sorts of issues. I could create a site that hosts all of my videos but I wouldn't get as many views and thats what brings in money that they use to support the show. Patron is more for the stuff that they want to do. But not what they need to do.

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