Learning Unreal Engine

I’m looking to learn Unreal engine and I have a game type in mind, does anyone have any experience with it?

I’d like to make a action RPG

I’d appreciate any tutorials you have used

Two disclaimers:

  • I’ve alpha and beta tested Unreal Engine 4 for Unreal. Mainly bug testing for the interface. Not actually making games. I no longer or will ever test for them or any other gaming company.
  • I’ve not tried to make games with it.

That said I can give you a couple resources.

One is Unreal’s on Learning Tutorials and they cover everything.

That said you want a starting point for the tutorials

Start here:

Then here:

Then here

And here

Additional Courses:

The Main Documentation for Unreal Engine 4:

Other Resource:
You could try a paid course from Udemy, but wait for a sale cause courses are more reasonable priced then:

As to which one well Udemy is a you have to read the user reviews to see if they are good or not.

Hope this resources can help you at least get started on your journey. Good luck.


bad experience(s)?

Not really. Company reps I worked with were nice to work with. Time issue mainly. Want to spend more time writing and learning for my IT certifications.

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Another channel that has useful tutorials:

As soon as yoeu learn like 3 tools its drag and drop

Dropping by with some links, I usually see a lot of “getting started” content on reddit’s r/unrealengine.

  • Multiplayer Networking Compendium, cheat sheet for organizing MP code
  • Tom Looman site & github, reference for building a bunch of common gameplay systems. His Udemy course is great too, helped me a lot in the beginning to figure out the general “way of doing things”.
  • UE4 Community Wiki, since the official Wiki is gone :frowning: . This has most the content ported over.

Couple of communities to ask for UE specific help, the more detailed the request the better the odds of decent answers.

The forums are OK in terms of getting answers, regardless with all the sources the amount of help is a bit weak, Epic themselves rarely interact outside the UDN.

I also have a good amount of luck searching for specific engine features on github to find usage examples of people’s projects.

One that I reference a lot is Estranged.Core, nice examples for a few things like interact system, save/load. That developer’s dev blogs explain the code in the module really well too.