Learning Angular JS and PHP

Hi, so I have a job starting in a month, and it will be mainly working with PHP and Angular JS.

I have some very BASIC php knowledge, and some decent js knowledge.

What would be the best way to learn it? I respond very well to single programming tasks that increase in difficulty as I grow and projects that grow as they develop.

please don't suggest code academy, it really doesn't work for me (too slow and annoying)

well I don't really have an web project ideas, so I would like something that gives you assignments to work on.

w3schools is for w3fools. Learn PHP the right way.

as for projects, re-create something. If you have any idea(s) as to what your job might have in store, start with that.

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thats a bad link

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sorry. corrected.

thank you!

welcome. BTW, referring to the manual (as B1gbadwo1f suggested) is the best thing you'll ever do as far as PHP goes.

bento.io is also a good source