Learn Something New Every Day - Adobe CC PSA

I put this in community because I didn’t think it fit under Audio Video.

I got into Creative Cloud when I was a student, but I never used it. Way too complex. However, I’m trying to learn how to better edit audio and video. So, my student account was still active, I gave it a shot.

Going with another platform, so to avoid a potential auto renew I’m cancelling the plan.

They charge a cancellation fee… Just LMFAO at the level of bullshit. I don’t even think Azure or AWS does that.

Take your precious money. Learned a lesson. I don’t recall this in the T&C, then again I was looking more for data retention and upload snooping. Never would have dreamed a software company doing this.

The people on the forums were no help, worse than Arch snobs with their “read the wiki” bs.

Blown away.

Just a PSA if you do the month to month, plan the whole year or you gots to pay