Learn a bit and kill your extra Friday time


Lots of ways to win.
Did have a couple issues with some of it, but might have been me.

Post up how far you get, but dont post code.

I got to lv 4 and then didn't know how to get two elevators to work together.
Still working on it.

That is pretty nifty, do you know of more games like this?

Friday Again. Time to game at work, and call it learning.

hmm. i used the same code for level 2 and three without changing anything. This might be interesting though.

i failed hard could not even get past lvl 1 then again i have never coded a darn thing in my life for java or anything for that matter. managed to get it to go up 1 floor and down 1 floor but could not get it to go to the second floor. :S oh well i might manage it after i read the attached text files. reminded me why i hated command line/ dos prompt in windows 3.1 when i was younger.