Lcd screen

whats a good 24" lcd screen for under 400?

samsung t240. Unbeatable :D

samsung t240. Unbeatable :D

Under $400? Hmm, I'd definitely look towards Samsung Monitors. Most have a 2ms response time, great service/reliability, run cool(er compared to other monitors), and are rather sleek. Other great brands are Acer, and LG. Hannspree isn't that bad either apparently. I'll post links in a bit.

heres the link for Samsung SyncMaster T240

This link is amercian. Funny thing is its 50 bucks cheaper in Canada at Futreshop/Bestbuy

samsung is the way too go when i bought my monitor i didnt know shit about monitors and mine is 19 inch not widescreen but its 2ms response time i kinda regret it but monitors are mad fucking expensive man


Samsung: Forgot to mention, Samsung monitors have a crazy high dynamic contrast ratio, which makes colors absolutely outstanding.

The T240 as 21DD23 said is $430.... bit more expensive, but pretty nice. If you're anywhere near Korea, they have them in green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and red.


What about under $100? Or should I get a 8800 first?

under 100?? maybe refurb. Doubt u'll get a good one tho. Well if ur gonna 8800 make sure that the monitor ur gettin wont murder ur 8800 when playing games. So decide ur ur monitor res first before u buy video card. Dosent mean u have to buy monitor first tho

Lol I have a 1024x768 monitor and a 8600gts

well wat imeant is are u gonna stick at that res for a while or possbily gonna change soon. Take all those thoughts into consideration before buying video card