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Late 2007 Macbook cant go beyond MacOS 10.6.8

I finally got around to figuring out what model Macbook i got, and it turns out that it is a late 2007 model.(160gb HDD, 1gb RAM stock, now upgraded to 2.5gb, 3,1) This was easy as there weren’t many black Macbook models. Also, the HDD was manufactured in 2007. But it won’t go past 10.6.8 snow leopard. Online they say that these should be compatible with up to 10.7.5 Lion. Any suggestions to get it somewhat up to date? The reason i’m trying this is because i want to get steam to run to play some older games (specifically PvZ because nostalgia), and I’ve heard that with some effort you can get it to run on 10.7.5. I would install Ubuntu, but I bought this mac because i want to learn MacOS, and because it has some programs i would like to keep.

PlayOnMac is a thing you know.

Otherwise go get macpostfactor.

TBH, no, i have no idea what playonmac is. I’m downloading it right now. I am very new to anything related to Mac. this is my first apple product minus my old iphone 3 that i used for like a year. Thanks for that suggestion, i truly appreciate it.

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If these don’t work. I’ve say it’s time to upgrade your hardware tbh.

PlayonMac is just the OSX version of wine. Same versions, easy interface. If you use linux its nothing new.

If nothing else, go get macpostfactor and a 10.7, 8, 9, or 10 image and just fekkin go for it. You need an 8GB - 16GB USB stick, and look in the options before hitting go. Theres a drop down to choose between the 32bit efi machines (mac pro 1,1, imacs, etc) and the macbook 3,1 and 4,1 (to my recollection theres no difference in hardware. If you can bump the firmware version to 4,1 you should be able to stuff 6GB of ram in it, however LOOK THAT UP ON MAC RUMORS FIRST OR YOU’LL BRICK THE MACHINE).

enjoy (posted link in case there were still fake ones out there. it used to be really bad lol)