Large HDD failure rates

A while back I was told never to buy a HDD larger than 2TB because of the higher failure rate. I believe you guys at Tek Syndicate stated something similar when building a NAS or server (although I could be wrong). Is this still true? 

Figured Wendell or Logan might know. 

I'd get drives that are purpose built for NAS / Storage i.e.  WD Black ,WD Reds(Designed for NAS) or Seagate Constellation ES Drives , The density shouldn't really matter 2TB drives seeing they are the most popular in the servers I've seen around and the jumps been made to 3TB on the newer stuff.BTW I'm talking at Datacenter/enterprise level for this. As for My file-server at home I use the 2tb Seagate constellations personally and I have had one fail yet or throw up any SMART errors.

I can't really say that they Fail more often than other densities because where I work we replace all kinds off drives all the time 24/7 pretty much


Hope this helps in some way.