Laptop Screen hinge broke

Well my brother came over from the room next to mine, and said that a part of the laptop snapped off when he closed it. So I went to check it out and I got this:

Any idea what do here?

Is that an HP by chance? If so then you can buy the hinges, but...if the part connected to the plastic bessel of the screen is also cracked, then you'll have to replace both. I thinkĀ I shelled out like $100+ for parts on ebay to replace one, but you've gotta make sure the part numbers are identical and nab the appropriate teardown PDF from HP....Again, If that's an HP.

It's an old IBM thinkpad. I don't think I'm going to mess with it as it's not exactly mine. It belongs to the university my dad works in, I'm just going to leave it to him, thanks for your help anyways.

yeah, they have techheads for that. :-p