Laptop Reinstall

I am reinstalling Windows 7 on my Lenovo Y580 to fix VBScipt runtime environment errors and HTML errors that prevent me from running AutoCad and simple .vbs files. (Not sure how they are related, spent hours trying to get AutoCad to work and then gave up. Noticed later that my .vbs files won't work either).

What all do I need to do to get a fresh install? I am not particularly interested in the IdeaPad junk that I got with it in the beginning otherwise I would flash back to one of my first images.

How can I ensure that I get all of the Lenovo Drivers like the Dolby Sound, Synaptic Multi-touch track pad, and "Fn" key commands like turning on the back light, volume, and wifi controls.


well most manu facturers use a system restore hotkey on boot (like acer, hp, toshiba) just find that hot key combo, your pc will be stock again, then watch logans video about new laptops

To restore Lenovo IdeaPad Y580:

  • Shut down your computer.
  • Press the image key to launch OneKey Rescue system. Within the program, you can choose to restore your system partition to the original factory status, or to a previously generated backup.