Laptop is slow (good specs)

My Dell Xps 17 is sooo slow. I formatted the hardrive installed a fresh os (windows 7) got all the drivers and it's still really slow. I have no clue what's wrong with it. Even when opening files on windows you can notice it lagging when minimizing anything you can see noticeable lag. 
i7 2670q 2.20ghz 
10gb of ram 
gt 555m 3gb of vram 
500gb 5400 rpm hardrive
I have more then enough space in the hardrive for it to be functioning properly.
It runs quite fast in Safe Mode.... 

bloatware. and it's normal to be slow on battery, laptops drop the clocks and voltage to save power

I bought a laptop a couple months ago. AMD A8-5557M + 8750M, came with Winderz 8. Slower than molasses in January.

Then, I removed McAfee. Now it's great.

What laptop? I'm looking for something with specs like that.

I bought that guy. If it comes back in stock, it'll be ~500 bucks American, maybe down to 450.

The hard drive is slow, but that's really the only fault. Maybe the build quality isn't the greatest.