Laptop Help

This is kinda a long story so bear with me.

I just got my new laptop last week, a Dell Inspiron 7559. Last night I left the laptop in sleep mode with a full battery. But when I woke up the following morning the laptop had 5% battery and WiFi wasn't working. I plugged the laptop in and tried to troubleshot my network settings. The laptop then proceeded to freeze for 5 seconds seemingly every few minutes. I then restarted the computer, nothing would open after the restart. After some time I was able to get to the settings menu and I completely reset the computer and reinstalled Windows. After, the laptop worked normally for around 30 minutes until it randomly shutdown. I am now unable to boot windows or even get to the UEFI/Bios. Whenever I turn on the computer the display is just blank.

I was considering just returning it to Dell but it's the only laptop I have right now and I need it for school. So it would be great if I could fix it right here.

Probably best just to return it and get that over with, otherwise try removing just about everything including the RAM and hard drive, and then slowly add things back into the system, dunno if that's going to potentially void your warranty though

Yeah, I probably will just return it. I don't want to risk the warranty.