Laptop for light PS-work

HI I am about to buy a laptop to use for light photoshop elements work and for taking notes and I am just wondering if this one's any good I'm probably not going to use it for gaming and if I do I'm going to play retro games. If you find better laptops between 400 and 500 dollars, you can post the links here. Thanks!

For photoshop and note-taking, I'd say tablet PCs. Not Android or Apple, but Windows. Prowl Ebay for a Fujitsu t5010, Motion Computing LE1600 or LE1700, Toshiba Portege M200 or M400.  

Well the thing is I want a laptop and PS is just a small part of what im going to use on it. If you can find a laptop in the same price-range with for example an i3 and more RAM then post the link to it.


 Some of the ones I suggested aren't just tablets. They're convertibles

i5+4GB Ram+ 160GB HDD=  It's multi-touch and you can also use a pen. Has a wacom digitizer, so it's great for photoshop and stuff.

 Sandy Bridge i5( I believe the one before was Clarkdale)+ 4GB ram+ 320GB HDD= Also has wacom and multitouch. Doesn't have an OS though. Much better deal IMO.

They're not exactly new, but if you wanted one new, they can go up to as much as $2000