Laptop for LabVIEW FRC Team?

I am on the First Robotics team at my high school. This year we are switching languages from C++ to LabVIEW. My current laptop works really well for C++ (Eclipse IDE) but is really slow on LabVIEW (takes about 3 min to open IDE). I was wondering if a cheap laptop like the one in the link below would be very much faster than my current laptop for LabVIEW. I am fine with the fact that the new one runs Windows 8.1 if anyone is wondering. Thanks in advance!

New Laptop:

Current Laptop:

Lenovo 3000 C200


4gb DDR2 RAM

1.6ghz Pentium Dual-Core

Intel 945 Express Chipset

1024x768 display (uggh)

Windows 7 Pro 32bit

Yes that should work, the computer that my FRC team used for labVIEW had a semi-modern Celeron which is less powerful than the Pentium in the Dell you linked. And one of my friends runs labVIEW on a modern Celeron laptop. So you really don't need anything more than a Pentium

Alright thanks.

Just wondering, why go to LabVIEW from C++? Why not Java?