Laptop for CAD and Animation

I am looking for a laptop that will run CAD and 3D animation software. It needs to be able to handle large assemblies and other large files. I have been looking at this one:

I like it mostly because it looks nice...

I was also looking at this one:

My budget is around 1200 USD. 

I would go with one of these over the ASUS


I am unsure how much the quadro drivers will help that much over having the extra raw power of the 870m.


Thanks for the reply! Do you know how tangible the performance difference between the 860M and 870M is? I have seen a few that have an 860M with 4gb of Vram.

depends on the model. the 4gb models are kepler and the 2gb ones are maxwell. It should be a fair amount since the gtx 870m sits between the 760 and the 750 ti where the 860m sits between the 750 ti and 750. If you have the money i would get it if not then don't.

 All my information was found on these


Aren't those processes more RAM intensive than most? You could get a lesser laptop and spend the rest of the budget on more RAM.

Depends on the software. In the few i have used they are more limited to the GPU and CPU after you hit 8gbs of ram.