Laptop display flicker?

I have a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro I think the name is, the little 14" OLED AMD 5800H machine

Its a great machine! But lately a weird thing have started

At all times, totally randomly, there will be lines on the screen that flickers, you know, like a old VHS tape

Ive tried to record it or take a picture, but it lasts a split second and only happens once in a while

Its just super annoying, its like maybe 1 time every 10 minutes or so

Everywhere i read about it its mentioned its a driver issue, but i run the latest drivers
It also dont matter if its just browsing youtube or its playing a game, the lines happen no matter what the stress is

Whats going on?

Sadly, but “latest drivers” aren’t always mean “problem is fixed” (problem may be fixed, but something in your system is different from the original problem).

At some point, I would even suspect something hardware/power feed related.

Google did lead me to this brain bleeding “solution” - Display keeps flashing and no operation can be executed after upgrading to Windows 10 - Lenovo Support US

I dont think its the same issue, i mean, my display dont go black and come back, its not flicker like that - its like static, a few lines, around the upper part of the screen but in random places, lines are like white/green/pink but lasts literally milliseconds so ive not managed to record it/photograph it


There is new AMD display updates very often, they seem to be making the issue worse and worse.

Today I found out, that if you dissable the VM support in the bios, it limits the flashes?
No idea why… They did not go away, but became less

Now i just tried updating the actual bios, it seems to have done 2 things: The fans are now way more active than before, sometimes annoying, but tells me that part of the problem been heat.

Secondly, it looks like the display is brighter?
Im using it rn at LOWEST brightness, because white gets seriously white at just the smallest increase

…but the issue have kinda gone away, it happens sometimes when the pc boot and when i open programs sometimes, but its much much less than before

So it clearly tell me that the machine itself is fine - its a software issue, bios/display driver