Laptop advice

I just started IT classes, all week most of the day. and ill be doing it for the next 3 years.

but we have loads of free time usually, where everyone is gaming on their laptops.
most people have a 960m some a 980m.

my current laptop (3610qm/7670m/8gb my only computer) is 4 years old, but it has a great cpu and enough ram to do all the VMware stuff we need to do.
but its falling apart, and the keyboard is a little broken, only works properly with windows 7, and everyone says it looks bad and old (Toshiba satellite L855)

I should probably buy a new laptop,, also so I can play some newer games, even-though I don't game a lot anymore right now. i'd like to play some newer games.

I'm looking at 2 laptops,
1 has a 960m, and is 1200 euro
another has a 1070 but is 2000 euro
the 1070 is actually 5x faster than the 960m

I 'only' have 4k and I dont make any money, so 2k is alot of money.
not sure what I should do, I really want that 1070 laptop, but I dunno

Depends on what you expect to do with that laptop. If you're expecting to max out every game at 2K in 2 years you're going to replace it for sure. If you can live with even playing at 1080p I think it will last a solid 6 years or more. Hardware is aging a lot less that it was before, in my opinion, so I think is a better bet to spend more now and avoid buying a new laptop in 3 years. I've always find out that saving more money in the first place and buy the best your money can buy is a better overall strategy. Also taking care of your tech is a big money saver.

P.S. saw your edit. Your laptop has pretty good specs. I think you should use it until it dies and when it does scrap and sell all the parts that still work and buy a new one. If you don't even game that much anymore would be a waste of money right now pick up a new laptop. In the mean time save as much money as you can.

P.P.S. maybe if you don't eat out twice you can afford another 8GB stick of RAM to improve the virtualization.

Or you could study / do homework / get a job with your free time....

lol good one
especially getting a job. I go to school 8 hours a day
and then when I get home i'm still expected to do homework.

960m almost ins't even worth it IMO. 1070m. The 960m isn't getting any newer.

Some people go to school full time, work a part time job, and take care of children in the home they have to support.

Either find the ambition or suck it up, buttercup.

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What about the razer blade.

It seems like it would be perfect for you. You would have to wait for the 1060 version though.

Went to college with a couple guys who did that.

They got the best grades too... cause they cared the most.

Not only that, but if you come out of college with little to no job experience, you are pretty much fucked.

those people are flippin insane

Can I cut straight to the point.. Just look for specs.. 960 is a fantastic gpu.. Mate it with a 6700hq and some Intel WiFi.. And you have a solid laptop.. That's seriously all you need to look for and make sure it at least has some form of ssd to curb the battery life a bit...

Maybe find a GTX 1060 laptop? It won't be as pricy as one as a 1070, but will perform quite a bit better than a 960m(which while is a decent GPU, it's still a bit on the weak side).

Those damn toshibas are fragile af due to weak plastic chassis and hinges, the hinges generally go out together with the plastic base. Albeit it can be refurb for pretty little $, I don't think it's a proper laptop for your needs, it will break again soon or later in a college/work environment.

If you don't wanna spend big buck on a fully fledged mobile gaming rig, you should take a look at this. Paired with a proper IT center suited Laptop (Ie. Sandy Bridge and later Thinkpads & Elitebooks, which usually come equiped with ExpressCard port and are cheap af), you can use the thing in a "dock" fashion and have it in your dorm room paired with any modern & badass GPU of your preference, and satisfy your gaming needs, because lets admit it: You won't be gaming at classroom all time , will you? And if you really want to whip n00bs in the classroom, or have that "extra" GPU oohmp, what else would be more Badass and #PCMasterRace than craming a UPC and a Desktop GPU inside your backpack and run a wire to your ExpressPort?

While all those hipster n00b freshmen carry their fashionable, expensive, un-upgradeable, fragile, IT-center unfriendly & port lacking Macbooks and Razer Comunism-of-Gamerz books, you will have something cheaper that has a little bit more flexibility. Plus, those damn Elitebooks and Thinkpads are inside every actual IT center, so you'll have something that's actually proven work-worthy.

...and you will be able to actually 10+ damage your friends' balls with your laptop without worrying of breaking or bending it at all. Trust me I owned a 6930p back in college days. They can hurt more than any angry ex-gf...