Lancache in Docker. But for just me?

Was wondering if there is a Lancache implementation for a small amount of users. Basically I’m wanting to set it up in Docker on my Synology to cache Steam games. The problem is that it’s not useful if it’s one person using it. What I’m looking for is a Lancache that can automatically fetch game updates when they are available, that way when I get home from work I can install updates over LAN instead of WAN. Does a tool like this exist? If not how hard would it be to create? I’ll be building a PC for my son soon, and he would also benefit from this. Thanks!

i thought lancache already supported that… if you set it up

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To my knowledge no. Basically you download a game once and it caches it, then if you delete the game and re-download it it comes via LAN. This is not very useful for 1-2 users. But maybe I’m wrong :thinking:

its great for me…

been using it for years

my internet is shit slow, so being able to save it has been awesome

Well, my issue is that I can download the update myself and it will go into Lancache but I will never need it again. I want Lancache to pre-load game updates during the day while I’m at work, without any intervention from me or any other user.

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Hmm this sounds like it would be a good use case for something like steamcmd. You could run that in a container and it could check for updates every day and download them.

This is just a theory. I haven’t actually tried this, but it would be interesting to experiment with.

Unfortunately, this means it would probably need to keep a second copy of the games

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