LAN Port on Laptop

The ethernet jack is showing solid green, flashing orange. pour quoi?

Usually Green is connected and the flashing orange is transmitting.

OFC that may be subject to manufacturer preferences.

Some may use the lights to indicate the speed of the connection; Green as 1Gb, and the Amber as the 10/100Mb depending on its state.

You may need to look at your particular device manual to figure out the exact LED indications.


Uhh is that right? I think its the other way around. Right now my router has all ports flashing orange - no red. As far as I know no data is going between the machines.

Thats the way it is on my machines. green for link, amber blinking for activity.

Whats the problem exactly?

You never know what the lights mean until you look at your manual.

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I don’t think there is a standard for the lights.

So consult manual or make your OS display the state of the NIC.

  • Windows (powershell) Get-NetAdapter
  • Linux terminal mii-tool

Don’t know how to check on Mac OS

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There’s almost always data going between machines.