LAN Games

I am hosting a small LAN in about a weeks time with 16 people and need ideas of games we can play as a group.

All games suggeseted MUST be hosted locally, we only have a single DSL connection and can not play anything online.

The short list thus far of 16 player games:

  • TF2
  • CS:Go
  • Blur

Look forward to seeing what you all have to suggest.




Half Life Deathmatch?

I recommend Tribes: Ascend, Quake 3, starcraft 1, warcraft 3, Half life 1, and Halo 1.

Unreal tournament or quake arena

Tribes does not have LAN support from what I understand.. and the last time I played UT is that like playing tribes, we were all sanic. Is there a patched version that doesnt shit itself on modern systems?

Otherwise this is a good start cheers.