LAN 0021: Ryzen, Tech Law, drones vs patriot missiles and a sudden Lessershoe

The latest episode of the LAN with Cavemanthe0ne, @Castiel , @KemoKa73 , and a random appearance of Lessershoe.

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Acting head of the Federal Trade Commission: “IoT companies, regulate yourselves.” Among other tidbits of wonderful anti-consumer deliciousness

Ryzen 5

Quicker Topics:

Vulkan Multigpu needs Win10

Chrome 57 … background tabs limited

Missile vs drone: Missile wins (and costs millions)

Micros-... soft vs win7+8

Raspberry Pi outsells the Commodore64, becomes the third best-selling computer of all time*

Mass Effect Facial Animation

End ramblings with everyone

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On the Chrome topic, I do most of my work in a browser. (or uxrvt) I needed to upgrade my work laptop to 16GB ram in order to keep up with my workload. Chrome was using 7.2GB of ram and I was spending most of my SSD IOPS swapping.

I'll be very happy to see chrome both reducing CPU load and hopefully with the tab hibernation, we can see some reduced ram usage as well.