I wasn't sure if I wanted to put this under this section, or gaming, but while killing time on the internet last night I stumbled across a linux distro called "Lakka". It appears to be an OS straight up just for game emulators, with a PS3'ish interface. It's using the Libreto api.

Anyone tried it? It looks pretty sweet, but I guess it's in early'ish development.

I was going to buy something like this MSI mini PC (
to hook up to the TV so my daughters could use it to play Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (they like that game and have mini Xbox 360 controllers already)... ended up buying them a Wii U with Mario Kart instead.... and now I'm thinking of picking up something like that MSI mini PC and running Lakka for ME..and to show them some older games.

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You could install the emulators on the Wii U. It's a little bit of work but nothing too complicated. There are emulators for pretty much any older console (except Sony consoles). I have used SNES, N64 and Genesis/MegaDrive emulators on my Wii and not to forget there is backwards compatibility with GameCube games.
In this case it's nice to have a Wii classic controller to play the older games though it's not really necessary.

EDIT: Just realized how old this topic is, hahaha

I've used it. It works REALLY well and I can honestly say that its the first thing on my little RISC jesus that is a Ras Pi.

Also Lakka only runs on RISC, technically RasPi's. The CPU retardation on a RISC chip is great for emulators.

Lakka run's on all

But compare to Retropi its nothing that new. Just a stolen PS3 interface in my opinion.
but best to create a new post in retorgaming for this stuff if we want to continue.

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