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LAGG Configuration on Pfsense?


I've been trying to get link aggregation working to my switch the last couple of evenings and it is being a bit of a !$#@% to figure out.

The use case is to set up HOME, WORK, LAB, DMZ vlans with a few remote users doing testing/development, and a couple of local users and then my home network.

I have installed the latest update Pfsense 2.3.
For WAN I have a single integrated nic. (em0)
For LAN I have a dual intel pro/1000 card (em1, em2)

My switch HP procurve 1810G-24 (gui based / no cli)

I have a couple of ubiquiti lite aps in a box behind me but that is for later.

If I configure either em1 or em2 as LAN in Pfsense everything is happy sauce. ( I can ping the router from a pc on my switch).

If I do the LAGG 2 step...
1. Add em2 to LAGG ( my_agg)
- set to LACP
2. Set my_agg to LAN

.... Life is ok.

  1. Add em2 to LAGG

.... doh no more ping.

BUT Wait you say... What about configuring the Switch.

In HP Speak Link Aggregation w/ LACP is a Trunk set as Dynamic with Admin on

BUT no...

My google fu has been poor on this one. It seems like it should work but I appear to be missing something.

Can I buy a vowel?



Have you tried using a static link aggregation configuration? Use load balance in pfsense and whatever HP calls it on the switch.


This seems like a likely guess. Will flip the bits this evening and sacrifice a small goat.


I have a Cisco SG300 switch, that I originally intended to do LAG/802.11ad as well as VLAN, but I ultimately said fuck it because the config of the switch was fiddly (and I was probably mired in misunderstanding).

I suspect you might be in a similar situation.

Frankly, the terminology has been hampered by proprietary names, old standards vs new standards vs overlapping standards... and a general lack of clear and concise info.


Got back to this, this evening. LoadBalance and Static did the trick. I have 2 - 1 gig connections between my switch and my router. Thank you!

With a little luck, I will put the cable modem in bridged mode this weekend and have Pfsense properly in control of the routeing.


Yeah I've had a few cases where LACP just wouldn't work but static was fine.


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