Lag Spike While Recording With Fraps

Hello everyone!

I have had my current rig for over a year now and I am just now getting into trying to solve a problem. I've looked several places on the internet and did not find anything useful. While playing games my machine runs almost flawlessly, but while recording the frames drop a substantial percentage (which I know is normal) and levels out at a certain point depending on the game. Sometimes the frame rate does not drop at all. While recording every ~5 seconds I will experience a lag spike that might only drop the frame rate by about 10-20. It happens over the course of a fraction of a second and another fraction of a second later it returns back to the normal frame rate. I know this is not because of in-game happenings. It is this way for every game and because of this lag spike it impacts the quality of my gaming experience. If anyone even has the slightest of an idea as to what the problem might be I will put it to the test and report back with the results. If I find that it is difficult for you guys to fully understand what I am talking about I will post a video.

System Specs:


i5 2500k @ 4.2GHz


PNY 8GB of Memory @ 1600MHz

500GB WD Black

120GB Corsair SSD


One last note that I thought I might add is that I am running all of my games off of my SSD and I am recording onto my HDD. I have tried running the game and recording onto the SSD and it has the same results.


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Yeah fraps is very demanding on the cpu and GHZ means nothing to it, it is thredded to make use of 12 threads if it can because you are only running 4 cores 4 threads with no intel quick sync its to be expected make shure that your fraps is not set to lock fps while recording and also has force losless rgb capture off set the fps limit to 30-60 and thats all I can reccomend.


Hope it helped! 

might be just it splitting the files. I get the same thing, it's pretty minor

>WAFFLETIME I checked the settings and neither frame lock nor lossless RGB capture were enabled.

>Commissar Looking back at my recordings it is happening even in files that aren't large enough for Fraps to desire to split them. (i.e. it's happening in clips that aren't being split)

yeah fraps is a demanding program if you really want to record try getting a avermedia live capture gamer HD because that has no stress on the cpu.


The thing is is that it isn't the CPU being stressed. While recording it maxes out around 50-60% load. That's why this is so puzzling to me! Lol.

Try looking at your hard drive usage aswell as memory that could murder your system also I forgot to mention make check the box that says half size video under the video tab in fraps

it downscales the video to a weird resolution but its a smaller file size and you can always upscale it in editing .