L4D2 free to play till sunday on steam

not sure if anyone else has posted about this but incase they didn't i will xD


so yeah its all in the title

And it's on sale for $5 as well. 

Someone should buy the 4 pack for $15 and have a giveaway.

Give away to me and 3 friends lol, but that does sound like a good idea.

If I had the cash, I would.  Hopefully they'll still have the 4 pack deal going by the end of the month.

L4D1 > L4D2.

I might end up doing it. Depends on how much I like you guys...

You have all l4d1 maps in l4d2, with more characters, more weapons, more enemies (more content). If you have l4d2 there's no point in buying l4d1 now.