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L1T to host a podcast with the following people:

Hey, would be amazing to have some of youtubes best tech minds together in one podcast. There are so many so why not make different combinations:

L1T + Bryan Lunduke + Linus and Anthony and Luke (LTT) + AdoredTV

There could even be a coding podcast with:
Liveoverflow and computerphile and Fireship

Or a mobile podcast with
Tech Altar and Marques Brownlee

and why not even ask Muta from SomeOrdinaryGamers he probably has some interesting tech insight.

so many interesting podcasts could be and so many other people exist. I’d pay for an episode!

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Especially since everyone’s stuck inside (especially the content creators).

Wouldn’t mind a podcast with Gamers Nexus, more Dr. Ian Cutress, Hardware Unboxed.


May we not?

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Not logistically feasible for a regular basis I assume.

These are cool theoretically, but it will reduce their respective channels of their own content. I see YT crossovers only when it can fuel more content.

Doesn’t need to be at the same location.

Discord or skype are very easy to setup and all of them have youtube money to do atleast one amazing episode of tech heaven!

As I said, I would even pay for one episode to atleast have Wendell and LTT again.

It doesn’t need to be them but atleast have some variation. I get bored when there is always L1T or on adored when he just alone talks. LTT they have some kind of childish energy which makes it pretty nice to listen to in the morning. But There are so many others!