L1T - Monero Crypto Funding

Similarly to how that bay with the black flag has recently experimented with funding themselves with the crypto currency Monero, can L1T’s do the same? I would be 100% okay with L1T using approx 20% of my CPU to mine while the page was open. Even better, it could be an opt-in under settings somewhere.

I can’t be the first to bring this up. If so, cool. Thoughts?

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So, I must have read that thread. Ha! For sure, use the search feature before posting. Total noob/boob move on my part. Thank you for calling me out. :smiley:

They use CryptoNote and I’m pretty sure The Pirate Bay does it involuntarily without your knowledge which is why I do not use their site anymore. Also because they support Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash and they use the derogatory term for it which I find to be extremely rude and Roger Ver would not approve.

I can’t be the first to bring this up. If so, cool. Thoughts?

My initial though it to ask if you’re already a Patreon supporter. There’s already a way that you can give Level1Techs some money if you want to. Are you availing yourself of it?

Closed because of necro from @thecolorjay. Also, this thread isn’t relevant due to the first thread mention in comment 1.

Also, @imhigh.today has the right idea.