L1T KVM Question - MST Hub vs HDMI to DP


I just built two new desktops, a Windows gaming box and a Linux desktop (Pop!_OS) which I’m going to be using for my daily driver. I have two Pixio PX7 monitors (2K, with 165Hz refresh rate). Because I have two boxes, I’m looking at picking up one of the Level1Techs KVMs (dual monitor 2 computer).

The issue I have is my Windows box has two DP outputs, but my Linux box just has 1 DP and 1 HDMI output (AMD APU using Mobo video out). So, should I use a HDMI to DP adapter or should I use a MST Hub on the DP output?

On the product page for the KVM, it says it can support a MST hub on the console output. I would prefer not to do that since my Windows box supports two DP. I’m thinking the HDMI to DP adapter is probably the best solution, but I feel like the MST hub might be better, since it will all be native DP all the way through.

USB powered HDMI to dp adapter is the best bet.

I do love the club3d one to three mst hub though. dp1.4 to 3x dp1.2 is nice

Mst on an Apu is likely buggy

Gotcha, hopefully the KVMs don’t sell out before I can grab one when they come back into stock.

Thanks for your help!