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The trade school student rape van. Otherwise known as the snap on truck. By the way. Can I buy the motor off of you if it is a Cummins 4bt?


I wish it was a diesel. It’s a small block chev on propane.




Snap On truck?

More like Strap On truck.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


That’s an interesting solution.

How’s the power output compared to petrol?


Not as strong as Gas. It’s just meant to be an efficient alternative to gas or diesel.


Ah, that makes sense. Now you’ve got me curious. RIP Monday productivity!


Really not anything to get worked up about. But biodiesel is something amazing. Or as it should be called just diesel. Since the first diesel engine ran on peanut oil.


See!? That’s cool stuff.

I’ve only ever owned gas vehicles, but I’ve toyed with doing an electric conversion a few times. I wonder if biodiesel would work as well for my use case. :thinking:


Coal operated cars need to make a comeback since clean coal is now a possibility. But those latte drinking hipsters have to ruin everything with their electric, head decapitating, self driving cars. Which still run on coal by the way.


New bulbs came in.

Can you guess which one is an old one and which one is a new one? They’re from two different brands.


Sorry?.. Nah, I’m actually not sorry.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, both EV and gas have their pros and cons. I love both.

Oh, and I’m not driving electric to save the planet. It just so happens that spending gas money on payments makes it where I can easily afford a new car.


The one on the left looks new to me.


That’ll fit nicely with it being a ute.
Do you mind if I ask how much they’re asking?


Haven’t called yet


Part of me wants to look into an Audi A-series Quattro. I love Subarus and their AWD, but I’ve only really ever driven Subarus and I kinda want to try something else out too. There’s a very well respected shop not too far from me that specializes in VW/Audi and that’s not helping either.

My car is old enough to vote and join the military, I fear that no matter how much I try to fix it it won’t last too many more years simply because of its age.


What year and mileage does your Subaru have?

I don’t really know anything about vag. I pulled an engine on late 90s Golf that was far too complicated, and did some very basic wiring on an 80 Caddy that wasn’t too bad.


It’s a 2000 Subaru RS with 190k miles.

The road salt they use in Maine just destroys cars. I’m lucky that the rust is localized to a few small sections right now, my last car rusted so bad the strut towers had fist sized holes through them.


That sucks. What keeps you in Maine? Seems like it’s pretty far from just about everything, and the road salt.

What year of Audi are you thinking? Do you have a picture of about what your looking for?


Not a whole lot is keeping me in Maine aside from not having a job lined up elsewhere. I’d love to move, I just don’t have the budget to up and leave right now.

As for the car, it looks like I can more or less afford something between 2006 and 2010 with minimal stress. I could probably even leap to 2013 or so if I got a deal.

Well within budget:

Surprisingly cheap, almost seems too cheap:

It’s about as much as I’d ever want to pay for a car, but also a stick shift:

Also pricey, but super low miles:

Stretching budget higher than I’d like, but a nice looking car:
EDIT: Apparently been on the lot since at least early December. Might be able to push cheaper?
EDIT2: Shit, it’s been there since late October. Could definitely push the price lower.