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Yeah, Subaru has it at ~12 hours of labor.


Ever since I got rid of the GTI people rarely try to instigate races anymore, only big trucks that want to beat me to a merge to get in front of me.


Make sure you are very well aware about what you are getting into with a used Cayenne.
They are money pits.


Very nice!
I was thinking about doing this to my Volvo V70 using XC70 (same car) brakes, so it would have been a direct OEM bolt-on as well. Still haven’t gotten around to it though.


Car shopping can be a lot of fun. Why do you want a SUV/crossover?


I havn’t raced my truck for several years due to lack of funds and a place to work on it. Things are looking up, I have an agreement for a place where rent is mostly paid with labor, and another deal where I’m using labor to pay for a 2.3 liter 4 cyl. that used to be in a winning salt flats race car. The engine uses a mechanical fuel pump to feed a mechanical fuel injection system. If I can’t get that to work there is also a carb and intake to use that comes with. Hopefully I can get this working over the winter.


I’ve heard that as long as maintenance is kept up they’re very durable.


I live in the mountains and I am too tall to fit comfortably in the drivers seat of most cars.


Well most of the time wenn people want to get rid of a porsche cayenne,
is mostly because the maintenance bills are stacking up,
or that there are some other things seriouslly wrong with it.
Like internal oil leaks leaking valve seals and what not.
Or problems with the transmission.
Especially wenn they have allot of milages on them.

They are luxury cars and parts are really expensive, so unless the current owner,
loved the car and was able to maintain in really well.
Or the previous owner wasnt able to maintain it.
They are really money pits, so make sure you are aware of what you are getting into.
Because a fairly cheap repair thats relatively cheap on a normal car,
can run into the thousends of dollars on a porsche cayenne.

In my opinion there are cheaper and better SUV’s arround.
Mercedes ML’s for example.


Any pics of the Volvo? I really like those cars.


I’ll take this opportunity to go ahead and tell the story on my Volvos.

My Volvo obsessional all started with this manual C70 HPT (high pressure Turbo)

I didn’t think I would like the convertible, but the deal was too good to pass up, so I thought I’d fix it and flip it, but after I fixed the shift cable I realize I was having a crap ton of fun in it, so I kept it and loved it a lot.

But on my way home from work one day I was cruising at 60mph when a guy in an 85-ish Toyota SR5 ran a stop sign right in front of me.

I was enjoying that car too much to give up there, but I couldn’t afford another C70, so I checked out mine to make sure the engine & trans was good.

I even rigged up a cooling system and turbo piping and ripped it up and down the street smashed like that a few times.

Then I patiently waited for something in my price range and picked up a beautiful (IMO) white on white V70 GLT that was pretty clean outside.

Then I swapped out the drivetrain with my C70’s drivetrain.

Auto to manual swap

And here she is finished.

Later a radiator hose blew up, so I ended up overheating and warped the head, so back apart it came and I took the head to a shop.

(I love these 5 pot engines)

I got that done drove it around for about a year, and then lent it out to a family member for quite some time, and I got it back like this.

I ripped that fender off and straightened it out a bit, then I toyed around with it on the weekends for a while.

The car recently went into limp mode and I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.
I still have lots of different plans for it, so after I get it out of limp mode I’ll do something with it.

Here’s a sound clip of me lightly revving it.

And a video of me driving it around after that last accident so the dashboard’s a bit creaky. If you watch it in 1080P you can see how fast I’m going. The pulls have timestamp links in the description


Lmao i just got roasted by a middle aged woman.


mine are still in my garage./ need to get some steel rims for em


i wish toyota had a 1.5 ton dually so we could base wreckers on them.


@Commissar In the past I would have said that is one place domestics are good at, but very recently I’m not so certain. I was fairly certain my next truck would be a Ford (hoping the Raptor Ranger comes this way) as my Dad always had Ford trucks (up till around 1990’ish) and they were great. But looking at the newer stuff on youtube and the gripes- I may have to stick with whatever Toyota has to offer.

The only reason I’m even looking to upgrade is my truck is a 2 door and I want a 4 door- if I had gotten a 1st gen taco four door, IMO short of insane gas prices or a total loss accident, its something you can keep running until you are so old you don’t care to have a truck anymore. Tranny rebuilds are not rocket science, engines are cheap, all the components are cheap, or modifiable to something else all-together- already have a mid travel front build, new LCA bushings, new CV axles etc. For modern stuff, I’ve already installed a Grom box to give my OEM head-unit hands free calls and blue tooth audio. Only till about level 3 automation would I probably finally feel its too dated and would be tempted by something new.

TLDR, so yeah, I feel you there, too bad Toyota doesn’t make an HD Tundra or something like that.




I should use the old OEM rims I have for the winter tires, but at the same time I kinda want to get some rally-esque rims since these tires are about as good as you can get for snow.


well, we need a class 6 (26k GVWR for our next truck, so it’s basically ford or one of the major truck makers


i find that winter is too abusive for alloys


This Coyote sounds insane with a turbo on it lawd have mercy