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I see a lot of drift potential for that little truck. Lol

Congrats, looks like a fun project!


I just hope it goes together quickly without many hiccups.

Was curious what rear end gears the 4cyl/auto had.


My last one had 3.73.


Not sure if you guys realize but there was a semi-factory MX-5 turbo released here in Australia. Was available from dealers as a new car. MX-5 SE if you wanted to look up any info on it. There’s few for sale here:

If you look up what the factory did to them, it might be a good starting point for something actually reliable, etc.


lol, 4.10 reatio… we’re looking at 3.11 probably


I don’t quite understand diff numbers. It’s something I will eventually look into.

Is it better then your last one for what you want to do?
Also, what are your plans for the truck? Sounds like your going for a daily since you want it together quickly… Or maybe just need a truck every once in a while.


I believe we got the Mazdaspeed Miata here, which would be turbocharged.


Like any gearing, its a torque multiplier. 4.10:1 is really steep. The drive shaft spins 4.10 times to one wheel revolution.

4.10 will give better acceleration, but you will quickly run through your power band and have to shift. On the highway you’re likely to be running at 2500-3000rpm.

3.42 will have a higher top speed and usually lower fuel consumption, as you’re running less rpms at highway speeds.

I have a daily driver already, this is just a toy. There’s a slightly modified sb 350 sitting in my garage that needs a home and this is it.


Ah, that is surprisingly simple. Thank!
Also makes since for the less powerful I4 with a slush box on it in something that’s supposed to haul stuff.

Sounds like that diff is just what you need.

Did you have to have a drive shaft made for your last swap?


I used the stock S10 drive shaft and rear end, most GM stuff fits together. Used a 4l60e automatic and a 5.7L v8 from a silverado.

The yoke has the same splines/diameter, and the conversion engine mounts place the tailshaft in the same spot as both the v6 and l4.


I have nothing but good things to say about the Michelin pilot sport 4S tires I run on my 370z.


Love it when you can play legos with OEM stuff.


That’s awesome ! Thank for sharing


It’s a fun car, especially for trolling sports cars on the freeway. Lol
I just wish it was RWD. If I could find a manual 960 or V90 I could bolt my engine right into it and get RWD with a lockable diff. To bad those manual transmission are next to impossible to find.
But if I could find one


How did you learn about these Volvo?


I enjoy their sleeper potential. I think I have a like of them that goes back to childhood. More recently I have enjoyed looking at them on Craigslist after my scraper started picking them up for no reason. And I would prefer RWD or AWD. Not a huge fan of FWD.

In my area: She looks sexy!

Or this beaut:

And a newer one:


I’ve always liked the late 90s ‘boxy’ volvo wagon look. The older ones that are RWD are awesome sleepers- it was a guy that swapped a 2jz-gte into his old volvo wagon that had an amazing tutorial for the MS3 he used that helped me a lot with my MS3Pro- he even had a VVTi base map from scoping a TT VVTi Supra on a dyno- awesome.


stick a DD5 diesel in it. plenty of torque.


Well uphere there are still 740´s and 940´s to be find with manual.
A friend of me has a 740 2.3 Turbo intercooler manual 4 speed with OD.
Its the top version of the 740´s.




What does one of those cost?


10k for a used with 500k miles